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Just a Feeling

I know you're not gonna read this blog, you even don't know it exists. So here I am, telling the truth. Cause I know the fact that you wouldn't read.

Not sure in the very first time what we are to be exactly. You know why...
But it's not what came first to my mind when I made my decision.

It's because my 'Sister Code':

"You can't trust your men for not seeing another women. But we take care, respect each other, and remember that karma does exist."


So, that's why I'm so upset that night. I know I can't be with you at the same time that I don't wanna leave this bubble.

So here I am, outside my bubble, gasping for the air. And you cannot see me through it, because I don't want you change your mind. Because she's really a perfect mate for you. Not me.

I watched you cry
Bathed in sunlight
By the bathroom door
You said you wished you did not love me anymore

You left your flowers in the backseat of my car
The things we said and did have left permanent scars
Obsessed depressed at the same time
I can't even walk in a straight line
I've been lying in the dark no sunshine
No sunshine
No sunshine

She cries
This is more than goodbye
When I look into your eyes
You're not even there
It's just a feeling
Just a feeling
Just a feeling that I have
Just a feeling
Just a feeling that I have, oh yeah

Cause I can't believe that it's over

Just like what we listened those old times. So you know that it's hard to leave you too. Yeah, I'll miss you too, I'll miss your family too, and if I said it that day, what's the point? Just make it harder for both of us. But everything right is always hard, right?

Be happy, be blessed, and do not be scared to catch whatever your dreams. Cause I'll catch mine too.

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