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BMT #3

New friends.

Wish me the very luck,

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When I was a child...
Dad picked me up to my room when I fell asleep in front of TV
Dad cheered me up when I was sad
Dad bought me dolls to make me happy
Dad protected me from bad people
Dad believed in me, even when I didn't believe in myself
Dad taught me how to be a good and respected lady
Dad let me know what is a good man

When I met my boyfriend...
He picked me up when I fainted at school
He cheers me up when I was sad
He bought me flowers to make me happy
He protects me from bad people
He believes in me, even when I don't believe in myself
He treats me like I'm a good and respected lady
He proved me that it's true, there's a good man, just like my dad

I love you, dad. Very much. As always.
Happy 59th! :')

From your 'still-nobody' daughter,

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Sumber: Tumblr

L O V E I T !

P.s: They right about how many wolves 'out there', but the thing is I'm just a damn puppy. Wuff.
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sunrise at the office

Setelah menunggu selama lebih dari sebulan, dan menganggur selama dua bulan, AKHIRNYA... Nggak tau juga sih ini sebenarnya sudah bisa disebut pekerjaan atau belum, tapi memang saya masih dibayar untuk belajar. And, alhamdulillah this thing really is my dream job.

Some of you, like my bestfriend, maybe wondering, "Have you been a zombie?"

Yaa karena itu tadi, kok mau-maunya dateng ke kantor pas matahari belum terbit, dan pulang dari kantor setelah matahari terbenam. And the answer is, maybe I'm an excited zombie.

I won't lie, it's exhausting, but I really am enjoying it! I can't wait myself busier than this, actually. Haha.

Can't wait where life leads me to...

P.s: I maybe can't actively post some articles or photos on this blog and tumblr in the future, boohoo me, but I will do my best. Anyhoo, my new friends are THE BEST! I can't believe how blessed I am, alhamdulillah...
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