No Me Ames (Don't Love Me) English Subtitle

*) Lagunya yang bahasa spanyol di samping yaa (nggak nemu yang bahasa Inggris nih, kayaknya JLo-Marc emang nggak nyanyiin versi Inggris-nya), di kolom Feel The Beat. Tinggal di play aja kalo nggak ke-auto play. Bagian yang dibold yang bener-bener *eheemmm* bikin aku merinding stress. Haha. Padahal ini lagu lama, baru keingetan lagi, udah lama pengen nyari terjemahan Inggris-nya, huhu ternyata sedih banget. Makin metal (mellow total), haha.

Tell me, why are you crying?

Because I'm happy
And why are you so choked up?
From loneliness
And why are you squeezing my hand
So tightly
And your thoughts seem to be wandering?

I love you so much

Don't be so hard-headed
Stop doubting me
Although in the future there will be a huge wall
I'm not afraid
I want to love you

Don't love me because you think I'm different

You don't think it's right
For us to spend this time together
Don't love me because I know what a lie it would be
If you don't think I deserve your love
Don't love me
I'm going to stay another day

Dont love me

Because I am lost
Because I changed the world
Because it's destiny
Because it can't be
We are both a mirror
And you would be my own reflection
Don't love me
You would be dying
Within a war full of regrets
Don't love me to be on this Earth
I would like to throw your enormous love
Through the blue sky

I don't know what to say to you
That's the truth
When people want to
They know how to hurt
You and I will depart
They would not move
But in this sky, don't leave me alone

Don't leave me, don't leave me
Don't listen to me if I say to you "Don't love me"
Don't let me
Do not disable my heart with that "Don't love me"
Don't love me, I'm begging you
Leave me with my bitterness
You know well that I can't, that it's useless
That I will always love you

Don't love me
Because I would make you suffer
With this heart of mine
That was filled with a thousand winters
Don't love me
So that you can forget your gray days
I want you to love me, just to love me
Don't love me
You and I will fly with the other
And we will always be together
This love is like the sun that comes after the storm
Like two comets on the same path

Don't love me
Don't, don't love me
Don't love me


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