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Gloria: This is crazy...
Melman: It is?
Gloria: It's crazy to think I had to go half way 'round the world to find out that... the perfect guy for me lived right next door.
Melman: (smiles) Then I guess it's you and me, neighbor.

Gloria & Melman, Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa

It reminds me of something and someone, don't you think so? ;)
I love Melman.

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Love Phases

According to "My Status in 2010" on Facebook, I had some kind of love phases that you all may ever had too. Please noted that those phases are made by me, I'm so sorry if I made some amateur mistakes. :D

Moment phase - when there's a moment that just 'click' you with him/her with no reason, I don't know if it 'click's you or 're-click's you. In my case, it 're-click'-ed me. You felt a great happiness in this moment, even those butterflies came out suddenly. It felt like dream, and you're floating. Euphoria.
Feb 13:
- thanks to angkot Margahayu-Ledeng, our knight bus for today. (Ricco Suhardian, Olan Maulana)
- what a colorful weekend i have here with Olan Maulana and Ricco Suhardian. Wish it lasts forever. :)
Feb 14:
Instead of one, I have my valentine's day with two men, Ricco Suhardian and Olan Maulana. ROFL!

Post-Moment phase - when you felt sad, or realized there's something missing or felt strange somewhere inside part of your body. This time, your brain and you heart didn't sync, and even had a war. The colossal one. You felt like you supposed not to feel like this in this time, and it's sooo normal if you felt stupid for being unable to control your own body.
Feb 15:
my guitar is unemployed again. *sniff*
Feb 17:
Got no feel, I got no rhythm. I just keep losing my beat. I'm ok, I'm alright. Ain't gonna face no defeat. I just gotta get out of this prison cell. Someday, I'm gonna be free, Lord! (Somebody to Love - Queen)
Feb 21:
How come the only way to know how high you get me, is to see how far I fall? -John Mayer
Feb 25:
"Two things are infinite: The universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the universe." - Albert Einstein

Galau phase - when your heart finally won the 'Post-Moment phase' war, and it affected your brain, a lot. And you couldn't say it directly, but you couldn't hold it inside anymore. Finally, you need to release those feelings. Some people found a way by writing it down on some social-network sites, or blogging/tumblring, with no mention or whatsoever, hoping that he/she'll read and notice it. In this phase, you don't care whether people would call you weird. You started to listen love songs, or love poets, love movies, or even search love quotes in google. (okay, the last part was me.)

Many people don't survive in this crisis-phase, and it's not your fault. It's your crush's fault, acute-idiocy, being chicken, being polite, or he/she just asked you to play, or even he/she's just simply a d*bag. If you want to play too? Go ahead. If you don't want to? Step back, immediately. In this part, it really recommended to share it with your trusted-sane-bestfriend.

Mar 02:
"Our heart sing less than we wanted. Our heart sing 'cause we do not know... The wonder that I made. I am here to stay. Stay." (A. Seyfried - Little House)
Mar 05:
i miss you more than words can say, i need a miracle now.. (i love westlife)
Mar 08:
la..la..la..la..la..la..la.. loving you, you know it's true, and la..la..la..la..la..la..la.. loving you, loving you.. (love it)
Mar 09:
"A friend should be a master at guessing and keeping still." - Friedrich Nietzsche
Mar 13:
had a great saturday night with Rashinta Stah Narulita K and Olan Maulana. Whatever happened in "Saudagar-Sea-Food", stayed in "saudagar-sea-food" yaa! Nila laut, si lumba-lumba, dan gara-gara nila setitik dibalas dengan air tuba. ;P (love) you, really I do.
Mar 18:
within you I lost myself. without you I find myself, wanting to be lost again. -anonymous-
Mar 19:
ingin menjadi wanita *sigh*

Confession phase - If you could survive until this phase, just be grateful. The crisis had passed, because he/she has read it and noticed it was him/her you always talk about. You feel like heaven on earth and a major relieved. Now you could say aaaalll the things that you've been hiding for so long. Congratulations!
Mar 21:
bismillahirrohmanirrohim. :)
Mar 24:
kangen yg ambrut. :')
Mar 29:
You could say my friend that is the end, or a new tale has begun.. (we are one-westlife)
Apr 03:
just have finished my very first soto banjar, mmm.. (love) (love)
Apr 11:
nempeeell... (nempeell? Aduaduaduaduaduu..) (love) (love)
Apr 20:
"aku mo ngomong serius nih sama kamu." "....mmm ya?" "seriusseriusseriusserius." "zzzz"
Apr 27:
"There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me. You say it best, when you saying nothing at all." (R. Keating)
Apr 29:
Provoost-Strip Biru

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Tu Me Manques Beaucoup

I miss our 'silly' conversations
A long talk, just talked about us,
talked about the old times,
remembered about our stupid high school time, and Bandung-Jogja time.

When you touched my hair...
When you touched my eyebrows just because you know that's the easiest way to make me asleep...
When I squeezed your cheeks and you said, "mas koki" while moving your silly lips...
When I watched you sleep peacefully, and you even didn't notice it because of your '3-secs-sleep' habit...

When you just stared at me with no words because I did some make up for the first time, and you said I'm beautiful, and then I screwed it all by saying "ih, apaan sih?" while blushing because I didn't know how to response that, and you said, "you supposed to say thank you.."

I miss you
I miss our talks

It's funny how could I miss you even more when you're in Jakarta, than our Bandung-Jogja time.

It must be hard for him too.
You supposed to support him, idiot.
Not distract him.

Just....grow up, Ney.
Please, for once in your life.

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Another Random Dream

Weird in a good way.
So, last night I have a weird dream yet so real and very nice indeed. It included this guy...

Right. Jake Gyllenhaal.
He looked exactly like this expression, complete with his beard, his costumes and stuff in this movie, and his muscles, but no hood.

If you ask why, I don't know why.
Well, maybe because I watched Narnia before. So instead of Caspian, I dreamt about his bigger-and-mature-more twin, Jake Gyllenhaal. And you all know how I feel about those kind of guys (with beard and mustache thingy), sooo manly! :D

Okay, I'll give you a bonus (actually I'm bonus-ing myself, hahaha)


Jadi ini dia kenapa aku kalo nyapu nggak pernah bisa benar-benar bersih. :D

P.s: Pics are from google and imdb
P.p.s: Pacar jangan cemburu yaa, kan kamu juga punya dua-duanya.. :D
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Taktik Pria

suatu malam, perbincangan antar-telfon seperti malam-malam sebelumnya...
N: "Eh yang, aku diundang ke rumahnya si A loh." (A itu cowok)
O: "Trus kamu mau?"
N: "Emangnya boleh?" (sambil ketawa ngejek, soalnya biasanya pasti 'boleh tapi ngambek' haha)
O: "Yaah, aku sih ngikutin kamunya aja gimana." (sok cool)
N: "Yang beneeerr? Di sana ada si A, B, C looh..." (cowok-cowok lainnya yang suka dia cemburuin)
O: "Yaa gapapa, kan sekarang kamu ndut."
N: "Maksudnya?"
O: "Yaah aku 'aman' deh pokoknya."
N: -______-'

Jadi selama ini udah terjawab deh kenapa setiap kali dia ngajak ngedate pasti ada acara makannya.


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percakapan suatu sore di telfon lintas-provinsi...
N: "Yang kangen nih! Aaaah..." *uring-uringan*
O: "Hmm? Yaa..."
N: "Ah kamu ga kangen ya?" *childish mode: on*
O: "Ya kangen dong, tapi yaudah ga bisa diapa-apain lagi." *mature mode: on*

*krik krik*

percakapan suatu sore di sebuah restoran di PVJ, Bandung...
N: "Ih sebel, masa si pacarku kalo aku bilang kangen jawabannya lempeng bgt. satu nada. heuu padahal akunya udah heboh bgt gitu."
U: "Ahaha sama banget! Cowokku juga gitu! Jawabannya persis lagi! Ck."
N & U: *merenung bersama*

Intinya: Pria-pria itu realistis sekali ya. Apa emang dari sononya cuma punya satu nada? Doooo...

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Manusia rendahan yang tidak ingin direndahkan.

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The Bachelor

Oke, saya ini korban televisi, apalagi setelah Star World berubah lambang jadi agak lebih chic, makin nggak pindah-pindah channel deh saya, hahaha.

Anyway, gara-gara semalem insomnia-nya kambuh, alhasil saya nontonin tivi aja kerjaannya, dan kebetulan tontonannya lagi The Bachelor.

When I first saw this reality show, I was like, "Ew, what the hell!"
Secara isinya 1 orang cowok mencari calon istri dari 25 wanita. Apalagi di season yang ini, 'London calling' or something, si cowoknya ini emang ganteng berat, beraksen, mapan, dan wowow lainnya deh. Makin menggila deh cewek-cewek itu.

Sekali lagi. Cewek-ceweknya itu loh. Agresif berat. Sorry, but they kinda humiliated themselves. Saya aja sampe malu sendiri nontonnya.

Tapi, setelah semalam, akhirnya saya bisa melihat sesuatu di balik kedangkalan si cewek-cewek itu. Bahwa, ternyata bener kata bapak saya:

"Pria memang suka dengan 'bad girl' macam itu, tapi tidak untuk 'dibawa pulang'. Dan sebaliknya, wanita pun sama."

Dan benar aja, si pria ini langsung nge-cut si bad girls ini.

Ah, cewek-cewek ini mungkin harus berguru dulu sama bapak saya.

P.s: Sometimes I wonder, terkadang kita punya idealisme tertentu kalo menyangkut pasangan hidup. Me too, and it's really fine. But then again I asked myself whether I deserve 'him' or not. Sudahkah aku 'sebaik' dia? Sudahkah aku 'selembut' dia? 'Se-penyayang' dia? And I believe, whoever Allah had chosen to us before we born, is the best that we could deserve.
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Rise from The Ashes

A lonely creature that couldn't reproduce, and it was one of its kind, as there could only be one kind at a given time. When it became old it died in the middle of flames and then it revived from its ashes. And it's Phoenix, symbol of immortality and resurrection.

Somehow, i adore it.
It rises from its ashes.
Always wish that I could be like it, and
Nothing's gonna take my flames down.
Like this poem i found:

My yesterdays were burned
by Amy Sondova

Yet in the death’s ash, embers of hope remain
New dreams given birth in despair
Covered with ash, I mourn what was
To remember what will be no more
Then like the Phoenix I’ll rise
With renewed passion glowing red, yellow, orange
Ash will give way to flame
Like the Phoenix I’ll soar again


Could I?
Seems like giving up is the easiest way..

A friend of mine ever told me:
"A little-baby never gave up to learn how to walk, even he/she always fell down thousands times, and got hurt. But, guess what? Instead of giving up, he/she never stopped, and it's work! He/she able to have a little step, even run in the next 1-2 years! That's the power of faith."

Why all problems always ended in this-'faith'-thing?

P.s: I repost it from my facebook's notes. Pic's from google.
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After Tangled

After watched Tangled, I've realized something.

Saya suka pria berjenggot/berjanggut (yang mana deh yang bener), dan berbadan besar. Nyahahaha, geli banget kan dengernya? Tapi ini beneran, hahaha.

That's why I love Flynn Rider. hahaha!

Flynn Rider! (pretend to be) Bad Boy

hey, I've never seen this scene!

you know what, when it came to this scene,
I suddenly said 'aaaaw' loudly and uncontrolably!
think my friends're ashamed of me haha

and don't forget about Pascal!
I used to freak out of reptile, but this cute chameleon could be the exceptional. :D

P.s: Pics are from IMDB.com
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Miracles Happen Everyday

Sometimes, I think Allah gave me clues, I just didn't notice.
Like what happened last night.

Aku lagi sedih banget (kayaknya plus labil juga lagi PMS) karena suatu hal, plus ragu-ragu juga apa aku bisa melakukan sesuatu yang kalo orang rasional bilang 'impossible'. Apalagi belakangan ini aku sering ngerasa sendirian, bener-bener yang kayak no one could help me deh.

Silly me.

After Isya, aku mendadak keingetan buku yang udah lamaaa banget ku beli, tapi belum sempet aku baca. Mendadak aku pengen baca, dan kalimat pertama yang aku baca bunyinya begini:

Sungguh Allah tidak akan mengubah keadaan suatu kaum kecuali bila kaum yang bersangkutan berusaha mengubah sendiri keadaannya (Qs. Ar-Ra'du: 11).

Aku merinding. Dia menjawabnya, langsung.

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Jadi hari sabtu kemarin itu, karena lagi sama-sama stress dan bosen ngemall-ngemall lagi, plus si pacar pake Yamaha juga, akhirnya dari awal minggu kemarin kita udah ngerencanain ke Dufan! (pengguna Yamaha beli 1 gratis 1)

And it works for me so well that week. Bimbingan semangat, kertas dicoret-coret dosen tetap semangat, ditanya-tanyain dosen nggak bisa jawab tetep semangat, revisi seabrek tetep semangat, nyari referensi semangat. Pokoknya mo ngapa-ngapain semangat gara-gara mikirin Dufan. Hahaha!

Seru bangetlah pokoknya!

Udah pernah nyobain Hysteria? Kita baru kemarin itu. Dan reviewnya satu deh, Hysteria nggak ngasih kesempatan untuk nggak histeris. Bahkan untuk ngambil nafas. Hahaha! (pengalaman pribadi)

By the way, gara-gara ngeliat anak kecil asik banget makan popcorn, kitapun akhirnya ngiler dan makan popcorn juga, ternyata, sumpaaahh enak banget! Recommended deh, apalagi yang kita makan waktu itu, cheese flavour. Yum yumm! (Loh ini kenapa ujungnya juga rekomendasi makanan ya, bhahaha)

Enough talk. Here are some picts for you...

Oiya, foto-foto ini juga hasil dari cuci-scan roll film-nya si Pinko yang pertama, dengan cross-processing, di Seni Abadi, Wastu Kencana, Bandung. Lucu ga, lucu ga? Enak banget cuci-scan di sana, ramah-ramah banget orangnyaa! Dan cuma sejam. Yihaa!

Yea, I do did fun!

P.s: dear pacar, thanks for letting my childhood alive. I really love you!
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