Another Random Dream

Weird in a good way.
So, last night I have a weird dream yet so real and very nice indeed. It included this guy...

Right. Jake Gyllenhaal.
He looked exactly like this expression, complete with his beard, his costumes and stuff in this movie, and his muscles, but no hood.

If you ask why, I don't know why.
Well, maybe because I watched Narnia before. So instead of Caspian, I dreamt about his bigger-and-mature-more twin, Jake Gyllenhaal. And you all know how I feel about those kind of guys (with beard and mustache thingy), sooo manly! :D

Okay, I'll give you a bonus (actually I'm bonus-ing myself, hahaha)


Jadi ini dia kenapa aku kalo nyapu nggak pernah bisa benar-benar bersih. :D

P.s: Pics are from google and imdb
P.p.s: Pacar jangan cemburu yaa, kan kamu juga punya dua-duanya.. :D


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