Tu Me Manques Beaucoup

I miss our 'silly' conversations
A long talk, just talked about us,
talked about the old times,
remembered about our stupid high school time, and Bandung-Jogja time.

When you touched my hair...
When you touched my eyebrows just because you know that's the easiest way to make me asleep...
When I squeezed your cheeks and you said, "mas koki" while moving your silly lips...
When I watched you sleep peacefully, and you even didn't notice it because of your '3-secs-sleep' habit...

When you just stared at me with no words because I did some make up for the first time, and you said I'm beautiful, and then I screwed it all by saying "ih, apaan sih?" while blushing because I didn't know how to response that, and you said, "you supposed to say thank you.."

I miss you
I miss our talks

It's funny how could I miss you even more when you're in Jakarta, than our Bandung-Jogja time.

It must be hard for him too.
You supposed to support him, idiot.
Not distract him.

Just....grow up, Ney.
Please, for once in your life.


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