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A Goodbye

Just wanna update an important step of my carreer life. Pretty much since 3 years I've been in a same company, doing the same thing, deal with the same person. And, one phone call a week ago changed everything.

I never been offered something important, particularly a job. Even from small company. That day, with their biggest name in TV & movie industry, they called me to offer something I can't resist. Because that's what I really wanted from a year ago. Yes, dreams do come true.

I said yes. But right in the moment, I felt scared, doubt, sad, and everything. But still, I said yes.

Then I remembered all of my friends I have here in my old office. Their gags, jokes, dirty jokes, goofiness, clumsiness, randomness, friendships. Irreplaceable. They probably think it's easy for me to leave. They just don't know. I will miss all of this. :(

So here I am, trying to make great memories in a month. So when I leave, they only remember good ones of mine. I remembered everyone's birthday and make a sweet surprise plan to them, because when my birthday comes in the end of September, I won't be here anymore. And probably my new friends haven't known it yet. So yeah, I feel like I'm dying, but the thing is, it feels pretty much the same.

Some peoples say "work-universe is cruel, you won't get any true friends or nice bosses at the office." Wrong. I had one.

Viva forever, RT Podjok. We'll meet again, sure. Trust yourself. You are all worthy, even if those-sucks-HRD-guys didn't say so.



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