miff you, dear.

dia bilang, dia paling suka Real Madrid.

dia bilang, dia paling suka jadi kiper di tim sepak bola sekolahnya.

dia masih ngemut jempol waktu tidur
(and he'll get angry if he knew i told you this, haha)

he's my cousin. i called him dek Palis, like he said his name was when he was younger.

you won't know how 'strong' he is, until you 'know', or 'feel' him.
and being strong is never easy.

the most independent and 'grown-up' kiddo i've ever met,
but never leave his childish side, and that's why i love you, dek.

i've learned so much from you, dek.

udah nyampe Solo dek? Baik-baik ya, aku tau kamu pasti nggak nakal di sana,
jadi aku nggak akan bilang "Jangan nakal ya."

Missed every inch of you already.


p.s: You can see my mom in the first picture, wore purple outfit, dalam gaya 'nggak-sengaja-kefoto' qiqiqiqqiq

p.s.s: Foto ini diambil di bandara sesaat sebelum doi dan si mamanya take-off.


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