Love Letter #1

Dear my future kids,

Hi, kiddos. Today is 1 day after international mom's day. I will be 26 this year, and no, I haven't married yet. So it's still kinda long way to go before I have you.

I know being mom is quite something. Though I'm sure I'll do it my best, still I know at some point I will let you down, disappointed you. I guess make everyone happy is impossible, right?

But, let me promise you something in the middle of the night, 12th of may, 2014. Someday, when I have you, I will make sure of me to try my very best to bring your very best out. And I swear not to make you feel, even little, less loved by me. Because when I do have you, I will love love love you. Very much.

So, I guess, until we meet then.

With Love,
Your Future-Mom


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