Alter Ego (Hypocrite) ?

Thanks God. (should i?)
For creating me with 'this' sense of humour.

So people never knew me when i was sad,

when i was depressed,

when i was hurt,

when i was mad,

when i was actually hating someone,

when i was actually cursing someone, disrespecting them (in my mind, of course).

Naaaahh.. i never do that without any reasons.
They had to be a very jerk first.

People just knew me with the label 'happy-cheerful-person' on my forehead.

They thought that i just ever knew one feeling in this entire world, HAPPY.

But the thing is, people were just getting used to it.

They begin to think that they know me, like an expert of me.

Even they're getting not to accept my other feelings than this h-a-p-p-y thingy.

So i MUST 'look' happy. Yay, i'm a happy person.

Thanks God. (should i?)


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