am not gonna say a lot, just let the pics talk.

the best bassist (Barry Likumahuwa), and the best vocalist (Matthew Sawyers) ever

what an expression!

5 from 6 personnels of BLP (plus Jonas Wang in the back, if you could see)

that's what i called 'menghayati' hahaha.. And Dennis definitely fit in the terminology of 'cute', woohoo!


not big fan of Rayi, but this one is not-bad

love the spotlight, actually. haha!

these guys are who the ABEGEs screamed for all night long.

actually, i'm a big fan of the guy in the back, named Aska, the guitarist.

this is what i called SUPERB!

the one and only, Sandhy Sondoro.

my fave one is End of The Rainbow, beuh!

All picts' captured by me.

saatnya narsis (dikit), haha!


p.s: I LOVE YOU with capital letter, and this one is for you. :)


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