I might look happy, but did you ever really see me?
I might sound funny, but did you ever really hear me?
I might laugh whenever you made a joke about me, but did you ever know what I feel?
Did you ever notice I have feelings too?
I might look amazed everytime you compared me with someone else, but did you ever notice that I'm hurt?
I might look nothing-happened everytime you didn't see my achievements, but did you ever know that I feel disappointed?
I might look grumpy and whiner to you, but did you ever look the good sides of me as everytime you look at him? No matter how much flaws he had?

I maybe don't have any sad stories like you do
I'm maybe not a survivor just like you are
I'm maybe not talented as you are
I maybe cannot do-everything just like you
I maybe forever cannot achieve your expectations

Those maybe are the reasons why you couldn't see me
I'm sorry for being nothing.

pic's from here


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