Yesterday, I was turning 26.
Exactly, 26 years old.

Jujur, sebenernya setengah gak percaya, setengahnya lagi agak menyangkal. Hahaha.
Twenty-six is a lil bit late twenties, right.

To be exactly, 26 of my existence life I feel like I haven't done anything yet. But if I must say, Alhamdulillah ya Rabb, I've been blessed no matter what. Have a wonderful boyfriend, to love and to be loved, have a so-much-better job, working our ass off reaching our goal to have our little dream house. And to be honest, even in my dream I couldn't imagine life could be this great.

Dan belum berhenti sampai di situ.

Daya imajinasiku yang cukup pas-pasan ini sebenarnya tidak pernah menuntut apapun. Maka waktu hari itu terjadi, I didn't expect anything. As simple as I could spend our quality time together. That's it.

And then there he was...
Sitting in front of me and made me close my eyes.
And then he took it out. And I opened my eyes...
(Gosh, I still can't help my heart when writing this)

And he said it.
The magic words.

I guessed I was flying over the moon.

If i didn’t have you then what will become of me ?
If i had never have you girl, how would my life be
Would i be the same? If i’d be loving another name
Would i stay untamed? Would there be any aim?
So whom i will be
                                                    -Daniel Sahuleka-

A word I never thought of before.
And it's before my eyes now.


Who knows a little rock could make a girl so happy.

With Love,


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