Yogyakarta's Must Try Foods

It's been more than a year since updating the blog. Lot things happened, of course. And it's 3 weeks to the day I convert my last name to Subekti.

Well, practically we're Indonesians don't change our last name, but still my nickname will automatically change to Ibu Akbar in our neighbourhood. Lol.

Last weekend, I'm going to Yogyakarta for two days. For medical reason actually. But that's not what I'm gonna say this time. And I'm supposed to go with my mom, but in the last minutes my old-man got sick, so she decided to stay. And there I was solo traveling to Yogyakarta.

And Yogyakarta on August...is crowded, man! Seriously. Good thing is I don't go to the temples, beaches, kraton, or else like Goa Pindul and others 'hipster'-not-so-hipster places. It must be packed out there.

Actually, at the first time I feel like staying in the hotel for the whole time, but while re-think of it, why not a random trip? I've rented a car, with a driver. And it's even more pricey than the hotel. So, with a little research and nostalgic memory... Here I go!

First place: JEJAMURAN
For those whose a vegetarian, this is the right place. Because, like its name, their 90% of menu consists of mushroom (or jamur in Bahasa) as their main ingredient. Not the magic one (duh!) and it's super great! A taste of Indonesia and it's even organic! Yum! And the price is from about Rp 10,000 to Rp 20,000 (less than 1-2 dollars) per menu. I know, right?!

Caption: I ordered Sate Jamur and Tongseng Jamur with Lime Squash. Totally recommended. And it went straight to the tummy!

Second Place: Ullen Sentalu
It's not the newest place at all. But if you're a museum or culture-trip person, than this is your place. It's actually a private museum. For about 1 hour you'll be showed and told about the entire Central Javanese royal history. But you have to pay Rp 30,000 (less than 3 dollars) for the entrance fee, and it's include Wedang Ratu Mas (it's a royal drink and it's believe to make you forever young.) Totally worth it!

And the view! I don't know what to call it. It's ancient, modern, vintage, and edgy all at the same time. You are prohibited to take pictures in most of the area, but the tour guide will tell you when you could stick out the camera. 

My favourite place: The restaurant. Still can't forget the aura. And you should go there by the afternoon 3-5 pm (the museum close by 4 pm, but the resto is open till night) I think it's the best time since you could see the sunset and it all turned golden-ish. Beautiful! And don't forget to visit the souvenir shop. There are some beautiful Batik clothes you won't see in anywhere else. The price: Rp 300,000 - Rp 1,000,000 (less than 30-100 dollars), and it's super edgy and super gorgeous!

Caption: I ordered Nachos and Panna Cotta. Heaven!

It is the sweetest, quickest random trip I've ever had in Yogyakarta. For those who happened to have a solo trip, and don't know where to go... Or even a first-timer to Indonesia (or Yogyakarta) who wants to try some Indonesian local delicacies. Try to google this...
- Mie Kadin (Javanese noodles with yummy chicken broth)
- Bakpia Kurnia Sari (Yogyakarta special cake-like, try cheese or green tea one)
- Gudeg Yu Djum Pusat Selokan Mataram (it's not valid to visit Yogyakarta before you try this.)

Totally worth it!



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