Love is Life

source: here

These days...
i'm so glad i've never got worried about love thingy,
neither those insecure feelings anymore.

i just realize one big picture of mine.
that love, would come to you in many ways.

even your EX-ENEMIES who even never come to your mind to be loved.

BUT the thing is...
Love will come to you in their very own way that even never we expected before.
so, don't you ever have to worry, ladies (and gents).

so i think...
if you love your life, then it will love you back.
so, love your life. no matter what.


P.s: maaf ya, ngepost yang aneh-aneh. Niatnya sih mau blog-walking, tapi ternyata belom ada yang posting lagi. Ya udah deh akhirnya posting sendiri. ;P


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