so sad yet so happy

Baru saja aku berbicara dengannya.
Melalui media yang seperti biasa. Thanks to Alexander Graham Bell, without you, i couldn't hear voice that i desperately need to hear everyday.

Masih. Aku masih mendengarnya, masih merasanya.
Getaran itu.

Tapi kali ini ada yang berbeda.
Getaran ini menyiratkan ketakutan dan kegelisahan.
Getaran yang seakan mengingatkanku, "come back to reality.."
and i'm still living in my own dream.

Apa yang kuharapkan dari mimpi ini?

Kegelisahanku akan datangnya hari itu.
Hari dimana realita berbicara dan mengetuk kepalaku yang penuh mimpi
sambil berkata, "it's time for you to wake up, dear.."

Ketakutanku akan suatu hari,
dimana realita menarikku dengan paksa, no matter how hard i resist it
sambil berkata, "ucapkanlah perpisahan padanya.."


And when he said goodnight tonight, mereka nggak bisa kubendung lagi.
Seenaknya saja mengalir di pipiku
I never know whether i can hear the same voice again tomorrow or the days after it,
I hate to say goodbye, hate to fight
Because of this. We're fragile.

Dan aku nggak mau, saat itu terjadi, yang dia ingat hanyalah sifat pelupaku, kecerobohanku, ke-kebo-anku, kekanak-kanakkanku, dan yang lainnya. Tapi aku bisa apa ya kan?
Mungkin aku hanya akan menjadi ingatan sepintas "oh dia"-mu

Eh, tapi dia nggak mau liat badutnya sedih.
Dia juga nggak mau liat badutnya tertekan.
And i'll do it for you. I'll be happy for you. I promise.


Today's Soundtrack: Still Believe in Love - (gatau siapa yang nyanyi)
It was a clear summer day
when I saw the tears on your face
I knew that our time was up on us

Our moment of end was so fast
but the kiss of goodbye always lasts
not even time could fade it away

Even though you are no longer here
there is still something between us
Even though life isn't fair
I'll never lose my trust

Just another lesson to be learned
gotta move on and not lose faith
just another obstacle to take
live my life before it gets too late

I won't give up, I won't stay down
this is what life's worth living for
I still believe in love

I'm holding the warmth of your lips
it feels like the first time we kissed
when all of the stars lined up for us

but like the wind you said goodbye
and left me alone here to cry
we shouldn't have gone our separate ways
Seperti biasa. My winamp told me what the suitest song for this situation. I didn't pick the song, It did it. Thanks.

ps: padahal aku hanya ingin menyayangimu. Itu saja.


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