Childish mode: On

hari ini keseeell banget. sebel pokoknyah! sama semuanya!

- my period
- ga bisa tidur semaleman
- motor kamu yg tiba-tiba aneh
- acara dadakan temen-temen aku (yang ujung-ujungnya ga jadi juga)
- situasi

but I don't hate you. I just can't hate you.
I just want to be understood.

Please, understand me.

I hate it when I've planned everything, perfectly. Suddenly, it ruined because of something I can't control. Today supposed to be our (my family, me, and you) time.

Dammit, RAIN!
I used to love you, but NOW I really really HATE YOU!
You don't understand that I miss him so badly!

And he's upset because of my explosive emotions, I hate myself.
I hate everything, excluding you. :'(



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