HBD to Me

Ten years ago:
  • I was in the early years of junior high
  • I didn't have any social media accounts
  • USA's president was George Walker Bush
  • I still subscribed 'Gadis' magazine, and my role models were those 'gadis sampul'(s)
  • My fave singer was Avril Lavigne because I thought it was cool to idolize her
  • My music genre was definitely pop, but I was too scared to admit the fact I'm in love with Shane Steven Filan 'Westlife'
  • What people think of me was my huge concern
  • When it came to birthday, all I think was presents and having lunch with my besties
  • Birthday just only meant presents and tons of foods
  • I hated (mostly) boys
  • I am in the final years of college
  • My social media accounts were facebook, twitter, plurk, foursquare, and blogger. (fuh!)
  • USA's president is the first black-male ever, Barrack Hussein Obama
  • I don't subscribe any magazines, because my role model isn't there, it's my mom actually
  • My fave singers are the Beatles, because I love their songs, genious lyrics, and their brilliant voices!
  • My music genres are definitely blues and jazz, but still enjoying westlife so damn much
  • Righteousness is my biggest concern
  • When it comes to birthday, all I think is remembering what I have done and been since the last 22 freaking years
  • Birthday just means another day which universe coincidently pass the date I was born
  • I'm in love with one of those boys

So far, I haven't done anything and been anybody yet.

I even don't believe why I mention president of USA, sorry for the randomness.
And thank you sooo much for the greetings. :')



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