Just Wondering...

Dear Mr. Jones,
I just have ONE single question, Mr. Terry Jones. Why you act so sure about it? Burning down our most important thing means one simple thing, that you really really sure that we were wrong. So, tell us, in which part, did we make mistake? The twin tower or Pentagon? You name it. Before you blame us, please give us pieces of the plane or any proof that you think was 'our plane', beside your government's statements, of course. Please, be sure of yourself first, that if your government had proofs to link 9/11 with your Iraqi Invasion that was first planned in order to overcome the situation which is war on terrorism, am I right? And what's the link again? Saddam Hussein? Oh, I thought it was Osama bin Laden's fault, as your president who made major financial crisis in your country, said earlier. And what's his fault as he arrested again? I thought it was his dictatorship in Iraqi. And which part of his dictatorship 'led to' terror that could crush your buildings? I'm so sorry if Rambo doesn't work for you all guys anymore, but burning down someone's holy-book just seems very bias, deviated, and inappropriate.

Sorry, it isn't ONE single question anymore.



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