2L (Lagi Labil)


This romantic duet can make beautiful music together, as long as they can commit fast
enough to record a demo. Balance will be a major theme. They can help each other
achieve it, or send each other's scales swinging. Libra is also the sign of fairness, and
will fight for equality. They'll have plenty of debates to negotiate their roles.

With the double shot of Venus energy, this could be one of the most loving relationships
around. Both Libras are in love with love—they can build a dreamscape filled with
romance and beauty. These two gentle souls love to spoil and be spoiled, and they'll
spread the love to friends as well. On a good day, Libras are all Prince Charmings and
Princess Brides. Give them a pair of one-way tickets to La-La Land and they'll live there
happily ever after.

source: here.

, "one-way tickets to La-La Land" tuh maksudnya apa ya?

Maaf ya postingannya ABG banget. Hahahaha
Tapi lumayan buat iseng-iseng, mungkin kalo lagi bosen sama semua situs social-network itu, boleh dicoba hehehe



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