You're Such a Hypocrite

he said i was the competitive one,
he said i was the avengeful one,
he said i was the guilty one.

he looks at me like i'm an idiot and stubborn,
he looks at me like i'm worthless and useless,
he looks at me like i'm a criminal and mean.

he acts like an angel to everyone
he says and sounds "right" to everyone, and he can't be wrong
he can blame me (and everyone else) for mistake(S) i've never made

he can "blind" people by the words of his slicky little tongue
he can make you "wrong" though you were absolutely right
he absolutely has TWO FACES (or maybe more)

so i think...

maybe, just maybe... i am the avengeful one.
maybe, just maybe... i am guilty.
maybe, just maybe...i am the evil one.

but the real problem here is, why i feel so abnormal here is, because...

they said, "it's wrong to be right among the wrongs."
and don't you even dare to tell me it's not a matter of right or wrong, cause IT IS!

and here's what i think:

You're such a HYPOCRITE. People may change. But not you. You just CAN'T.

that's why your victims "friends", including me (i'm even not your friend), HATE YOU. JERK.


P.s: you won't believe if i tell you who is he.

pic from here.


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